Secret Service

Secret Service: A White House Love Story is an original work of political satire written by Keiran Lenhof, a comedian based in New York. It tells the fictitious story of a Secret Service agent’s developing love crush on the current First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump.

Keiran commissioned me to help bring the story to life through a series of moving pictures. After storyboarding the entire project, I contributed the full color artwork for each frame. Every illustration is injected with subtle and not-so-subtle motions to push the story towards the absurd. From there, animator Spencer Greenberg mixed it all together and added some of his own key ingredients to make this a work of scandalous art!

This was one of the most ambitious and sizable projects I have worked on to date, and am grateful for Keiran’s faith in me to deliver. Check out the full video and some of my own favorite frames below!